NYC PERSISTENT PINK & CHAMPAGNE STAIN Smooch Proof 16hr Lip Stain Swatches & Review

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I’ve kind of gotten away from reviewing drugstore products. I was getting into a certain brand (*cough*NYX*cough*) and actually have a TON of stuff here to review… but in light of what happened and how it was handled I just really don’t feel like doing it right now. That may change in the future, but as for now… they remain in my “need to swatch/review” box.

Luckily I was sent these NYC Smooch Proof 16hr Lip Stains, and they’re actually pretty sweet.

(Persistent Pink, Champagne Stain)

From the Press Release:

This lightweight, transfer-proof stain delivers irresistibly smooth, vivid lip color all day long. With its precise felt tipped pen applicator system, lining lips and filling them in requires one easy step.

(Persistent Pink, Champagne Stain)

(Persistent Pink, Champagne Stain)

(Persistent Pink, Champagne Stain)

(Persistent Pink)

(Champagne Stain)

I completely loved Persistent Pink. The color was amazing, it applied like a dream…it now resides in my HG drawer. I loved Champagne Stain as well, and it looked good, but I found it hard to apply evenly. These are pigmented and I felt like I couldn’t get it to look exactly right.

The applicator made it pretty easy to apply and maneuver around my lip line. I didn’t find that these lasted the fully claimed 16 hours, especially when I ate and drank. The color dulled quite a bit (especially with Champagne Stain), though when I added a clear balm it did revive it a tinge. I think if you do purchase this you should still keep it in your makeup bag for touch ups.

I was sent over nine of these Lip Stains for consideration. I chose 2 (a lighter shade and a darker shade) to swatch and review, and the rest (aka the BNIP unused ones) will be included with the 1000 follower giveaway. That is SEVEN lip stains, all for the lucky winner!! You know the drill.. once we hit 1000 followers the giveaway goes live 😉

NYC Smooch Proof 16hr Lip Stains retail for $4.99 and are available at chain drugstores and mass merchandisers worldwide. Visit for more information!

***Products were provided by the manufacturer or PR firm in exchange for an HONEST review. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. BlushingNoir says

    all stains are going to be a little drying, your lips will suck in the color. Persistent Pink was nice because it didn't LOOK drying. I didn't feel like I absolutely needed something over it, like I felt with Champagne Stain.

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