Too Faced NATURAL FLIRT Makeup Collection Swatches and Review – Spring 2012

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The Too Faced Natural Flirt Makeup Collection emphasizes the fact that you don’t have to be loaded down with makeup to seduce.

Within the cutest not-so-little pink and black makeup bag (which totally reminds me of a wedding garter!) you’ll see the following:

  • Pink Leopard Brightening Bronzer, 9.0g (full size, retail $29.00)
  • Lashgasm Mascara, 0.13 fl. oz. (mini)
  • Shadow Insurance in Candlelight, 5g (mini)
  • Exotic Color Intense Eye Shadow in Magic Mushroom, 1.7g (full size, retail $18.00)
  • Petite Pouf Powder Brush (retail $17.00)
  • Glamour Gloss Volumizing Lip Gloss in This is Pretty!, 0.12 fl. oz. (full size, retail $19.00)

The Too Faced Natural Flirt Makeup Collection comes complete with everything you need to transform your face into a glowing beacon of flirtatiousness! 

The Bag

The Goods

Pink Leopard Bronzer

Pink Leopard Bronzer really isn’t so much a bronzer as an illuminator.  It gives you more color than a highlighter, but less than I would expect from a bronzer.  Three shades, a deep tan, a pink, and a champagne, blend together for a soft, brightening effect.  After applying, I dipped the Petite Pouf into the deep tan and pink spot to add a bit more color to my cheeks. 

Lashgasm Mascara, Candlelight Shadow Insurance

Lashgasm Mascara has a really great, flexible brush.  I didn’t find this mascara to separate how I would have liked, but it REALLY lengthened and curled.

Candlelight Shadow Insurance operates and performs the same as regular Shadow Insurance, but has a golden sheen.

Magic Mushroom Exotic Color Eye Shadow

(L-R: regular Shadow Insurance, Candlelight Shadow Insurance, Magic Mushroom swatched with no base, Magic Mushroom swatched with regular Shadow Insurance, Magic Mushroom swatched with Candlelight Shadow Insurance)

Magic Mushroom may look pink in the pot, but swatches rather lilac.  On the eye, as seen above over-top of Candlelight Shadow Insurance, if gleams a pink gold duochome.  It’s really rather interesting how it looks more pink in some lights, and more gold in another.  It’s not your average eyeshadow!  It’s nicely pigmented and not as frosty as I anticipated after I swatched it.  I experienced no fall out with this shadow.

Petite Pouf Powder Brush

Petite Pouf may be tiny, but packs a nice little punch.  The bristles are just firm enough to apply your cheek product nicely and add the pigment, but soft enough to blend easily.  I also love that the little bow comes off and can be worn as a girlie glam ring or to pull a little hair out of your eyes!

This is Party! Glamour Gloss Lip Gloss

This is Party! is a rosy pink gloss that just adds a hint of color to your lips.  The cooling effect feels awesome and gives your lips a plumping appearance.  The cooling effect isn’t overpowering but I noticed it kept me from rubbing my lips together for some reason.  This is a thick gloss, but has very minimal stick.  It also features my favorite doe foot applicator with a blingy jewel on top.

Overall this is an awesome kit, you get all you need to be natural on a night out for a great price.  I truly did not expect to love the look this kit provided.  I tend to be a more neutral girl, but with a darker eye.  I was not sure how this look would pull on me, but I am pleasantly surprised and would absolutely rock this daily even though getting my flirt on ended years ago!

The look as a whole is very light, though can be frosty.  Pay attention to your application and use so as not to go overboard.  Less is more!

The Too Faced Natural Flirt Makeup Collection retails for $45.00, which is an excellent deal, considering just the full size products will cost you $83.00 if purchased separately.  This set is part of the Too Faced Spring 2012 line, which will be available starting tomorrow on

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  1. MarciaF says

    I like the look of all of it except for the bag which is a little too much for me. Candlelight is a terrific base. I use it all the time. It gives a pretty light shimmer to a lot of otherwise dull eyeshadows and it looks great with not so dull ones too!


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