Sigma F80 FLAT KABUKI Brush Review and Photos

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It’s Tuesday evening.  The kids are in bed, the hubby is out in the garage… time for a confession.  I’m a HUGE makeup brush snob.  By that I don’t mean cost wise, it’s just I don’t generally use a brush that isn’t MAC.  When I do, I’m never happy with it so it either goes into my travel bag, an emergency “I’m too lazy to clean my brushes so I’ll use this one I don’t like” brush drawer, or it’s given away.

I’m NEVER happy with the stippling or flat kabuki brushes meant for creamy or liquid products.  When I use them, I feel like a 4 year old playing around in mommy’s makeup.  So I was a little apprehensive about testing out the Sigma F80 – Flat Kabuki brush.

What the Sigma website has to say about the Flat Kabuki:

Unique Feature: Dense and flat head

Function: Buffed foundation application
Recommended Use: Application of liquid or cream products to flat areas of the face such as the forehead and cheeks.
Bristle Type: Synthetic Sigmax
Length: 6 1/4 in. (15.8 cm)

My biggest gripe about using a similar brush to this (normally I just use my fingers) to apply cream blushes is that it’s not firm enough and doesn’t seem to offer the control I need for application.  The F80 offers perfect control.  I dab the flat head into my cream blush (most recently I used this with my wear of the new MAC Casual Colour Cheek & Lip Pots), dab the product on the apples of my cheeks and blend up.  I loved the control I had over the brush and there weren’t fibers flying around all willy nilly.

Did I mention it’s a breeze to clean?  With thick or creamy product it’s usually a Johnson’s Baby Shampoo or Dawn dish soap type of 911.  Not with this brush.  It cleansed off with the usual brush cleaner super easy (though dry time was a lot longer because the fibers are so dense).

This is my first product by Sigma, and I’m so impressed with it that there will definitely be more brushes, and I’m definitely interested in checking out the eye shadows!

The Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush retails for $16.00 and is available at  Use code STAR2012 for 10% off of your order!  Offer good from June 1, 2012 – June 30, 2012!

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  1. says

    I have a similar brush, the F82 Round Kabuki brush and it’s really as well *O*
    And have you tried Real Technique Brushes? They are less expensive and for what I know people actually them a lot and compare them to the Sigmax Collection
    I liked the review x3

    • says

      I’m super impressed with Sigma. There is a discount going on right now on their site, 10% off your purchase! Use code STAR2012 I’m going to add it to the blog post now since I just saw it lol Also, I haven’t used Real Technique myself, but I’ve done a CP for someone for them and she said they’re amazing too!

      • says

        The biggest problem with sigma is because they don’t have like an “european base” , because of costums and added taxes that we get when the products arrive.
        For example, an essencial kit cost 109$ which is more or less 90/95€ but than, besides +- 13 euros from the shipping (15$) I would have to pay like 30€ (I would say +- 38$) from costums and Taxes 😡 I really think that Sigma should get an European Base-site like ELF and NYX did…it would be easier for us 😡
        I guess I’ll keep some money on side for them. ;;W;;
        Or waiting for sigma to get a base around here xD that would be nice! Costumers would be happy XD
        Thank you for replying <3 Kisuu*

        • stella says

          I live in greece and never paid custom&taxes for my sigma orders since they write on the package that’s a gift just to avoid them!but hey the shipping cost is really high unfortunately!
          the f80 is my absolute favorite foundation brush!I also use it with fix+ to mix everything and make it more natural after I’m done with my make up!

          • stella says

            Oh and if the brush is stained and you can’t clean it by no means try dipping it for a while to olive oil and then clean as usual.your brush will be as brand new!

  2. says

    My F80 takes me absolutely ages to clean, I must be doing something wrong. I really like the brush through, it makes your face look airbrushed.

    • says

      I use lukewarm water and MAC Brush Cleanser for it. It was just cream blush and it rinsed right off. I also washed it right away. Usually I let things sit because I’m lazy lol But I needed to test a lot of the blushes and do swatches so I have been cleaning the F80 rather quickly and after each use.


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