The Top 5 Products Every Woman Should Own – Edward Tricomi, Celebrity Stylist and Co-Owner of Warren-Tricomi Salons

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Every celebrity stylist has their own list of must-have all-star products. Edward Tricomi, co-owner of Warren-Tricomi salons, is known for his ability to describe and reproduce hundreds of years of hair fashion, he is perhaps the greatest hair historian of modern times. Over the years Edward has worked with countless designers and models to create hair fashion of epic proportions. Here he shares his top five products that every woman should own.


“Think of your shampoo and conditioner as the prep work before you style. Spending a little extra for quality is well worth the splurge.”

Must-Have #2: HAIRSPRAY

“My number one must-have. You want your style to have hold but still move and be touchable. Shu Uemura makes a great one, you can layer it depending on the amount of hold you need.”


“You need to use frizz-fighting product while the hair is still wet. A blow dry lotion provides humidity resistance, frizz-control and protects hair from heat styling, which is so important.”

Must-Have #4: DRY SHAMPOO

“Great for when you want to breathe life back into your style. Sexy, wavy styles will stay voluminous and blowouts will last longer. No need to worry about them falling flat.”

Must-Have #5: HAIR GLAZE

“Takes out the dullness. Gives beautiful shine and depth. Depending on your hair texture you can use it daily or as a weekly treatment.  If hair is super fine, don’t use it more than once a week.”

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  1. For me, personally, I disagree with this. My hair is naturally very straight and looks it’s best this way. It’s also very long; I have layers but the longest section almost touches my butt. I’m able to keep it in pretty good shape because I don’t ever blow dry my hair, nor do I use a lot of extra products I really don’t need. If I have shampoo, conditioner and a brush, I am good to go!

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