Victoria’s Secret Bombshell – The Summer Edition Eau de Parfum Photos and Review

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You don’t see a lot of fragrance reviews on this site.  Mostly because I have very little luck with them and it’s rare for me to test one in the store and bring it home (I have a sensitive sniffer and easily get headaches). Also, fragrances are hard to review because they smell different on everyone.  What smells fabulous on me, might not work for you and vice versa.

Basically, if I review a fragrance, it’s because I love it.

Which brings me to my new Summer scent love – Bombshell – The Summer Edition from Victoria’s Secret.

What the Victoria’s Secret website has to say about Bombshell – The Summer Edition:

Perfect for on-the-go beauty, day or night. Hello, Bombshell. Welcome to paradise. This limited-edition summer fragrance adds a splash of exotic freshness to our award-winning Victoria’s Secret Bombshell collection. Wild and bright with jasmine dew, white amber and a kiss of starfruit, this eau de parfum whisks you away to lush tropics, no passport required. Let the summer begin.

Tips & Tricks: For longer-lasting fragrance, layer with Victoria’s Secret Bombshell The Summer Edition Body Lotion.

  • Fragrance type: Fruity floral
  • Top notes: Pink pomegranate, pear nectar, Italian bergamot, juicy nectarine, Japanese yuzu, pink grapefruit flowers, starfruit
  • Middle notes: Wild muguet, exotic red tea, wild freesia, waterlily, hydroponic lily, jasmine dew
  • Dry-down: Creamy musk, white amber, cedarwood
  • Domestic
  • 50 ml/1.7 fl oz

Bombshell – The Summer Edition may be an Eau de Parfum, but it’s light and fruity, fresh with the lightest hint of floral.  It makes me think of Summer!

One spritz is all you need for a long lasting, sultry Summer scent.

If you’re curious as to what other fragrances are HG’s of mine (maybe it will help you decide if you’ll also love Bombshell – The Summer Edition), I also steadily use the original Chanel Chance.  Other past faves have been Escada Rockin’ Rio (which used to be my Summer go-to until they discontinued it, since then I haven’t found anything I liked until Bombshell) and I did love the scent of Burberry Brit Sheer but it only lasted 5 minutes on me.

Bombshell – The Summer Edition retails for $52.00 and is available for a limited time starting in May 2012, exclusively at Victoria’s Secret stores and

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  1. says

    Were you able to pick up this during the VS deal where you just try on a bra and they were giving out samples of this? I should have gone just to try it out. Thanks for the review!

      • says

        I actually was able to go it ran from July 1-3 so I went on the 2nd. I love this fragrance!! Theres apparently a kit that has a bunch of makeup and this fragrance in a smaller bottle (but way bigger than the sample vial i got for free) that I really want!

        Anyway yes I have work the day it opens at 730 but I’m going to try to go at 7 since I already know which bras I want.

        Hope you get some good stuff!


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