Makeup Wars – $20 Face Challenge

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I’m the worst kind of procrastinator.  I’ll know about something, and be crazy excited for it… and then last minute I’m all “oh, snap… need to get that done.”

For the $20 face challenge for this installment of Makeup Wars I had it in my head right away that I wanted to do my whole look using Wet N Wild.  They are a solid drugstore brand, beyond affordable, and most of the products I’ve tried are high quality.  Very little let down for the price.  I stalked ads, knew where, when and what the deals were… and totally effed up.  I’m talking I forgot (mommy brain does that) and literally just now ran to Wal-Mart to get what I’d need.

I kept it under $20, but I only have FIVE products here … some will be pulling double and maybe triple duty.  I have NO idea if the foundation is a match.  None.  No clue if this mascara will make my eyes rain.  No idea if this bronzer will be my friend =(

For this battle, we’re checking out to see if we can do a full face of makeup for $20 or less.  This is probably the most difficult thing in the WORLD for me, beauty wise.  I’m a HORRIBLE sale shopper, I hate to hunt for things.  I’m no good at it.

Unfortunately, I missed out on any and all sales and deals, so here is what I ended up with for my challenge:

All by Wet N Wild:

  1. Ultimate Match SPF15 Liquid Foundation in 857A Sand Sable – $4.97
  2. Coloricon Bronzer SPF15 in 740 Bikini Contest – $3.97
  3. MegaProtein Mascara – $1.97
  4. Coloricon Eyeshadow Trio in 335 Silent Treatment – $2.97
  5. MegaSlicks Lip Gloss in 570A Berry Burst – $1.97

Grand Total – $15.85 (with 7% tax it’s $16.96)

Seriously, you guys… that’s all I got LMAO omg… I have a freaking Big Lots in the plaza right across the street… wtf is wrong with me.  If I could go back… with the few extra dollars, I would have picked up a brow pencil.  And possibly a powder to mattify myself more…  All around, time to learn some money and time management!

Anyway, if ANYTHING this will show you how you can use just a few products for multiple things.  And I was actually pretty happy with the end result… tho the foundation isn’t a match at ALL and my brows are hilarious.

Let’s start off with swatches:

(L-R: Ultimate Match SPF15 Liquid Foundation in 857A Sand Sable, Coloricon Bronzer SPF15 in 740 Bikini Contest, Silent Treatment Trio, MegaProtein Mascara, MegaSlicks Lip Gloss in Berry Burst)

Now for the face.

For this look, I started by applying the Ultimate Match Liquid Foundation all over my face.  Next I took the bronzer and a prayer and bronzed myself up, concentrating on contouring.  Next, using the Silent Treatment Trio, I did a smoky eye with the Taupe on the lid, the deep black brown middle shade in the crease/outer V and the bone shade to highlight.  I also used that dark middle shade as an eye liner and mixed the same shade with the bone shade to try and make my brows look presentable.  To finish up the eyes I used the MegaProtein Mascara.  Lastly I put on one of my favorite lip glosses, the MegaSlicks in Berry Burst.

In the end, I obviously love Silent Treatment and Berry Burst… since I already owned them lol but I adore the bronzer and even the foundation was pretty nice (now I just need to find my actual shade!).  I would also repurchase the mascara in a pinch.

Hopefully you enjoyed my submission for this installment of Makeup Wars!  To go to the previous or next installment, please use the graphic at the top of this post!

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      thanks boo 😉 Silent Treatment gets a lot of love from me and so does the lippie. The foundation just needed to be a shade lighter.


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