Illamasqua Opulent Sheer Lipgloss & Boost Intense Lipgloss Swatches & Review

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Illamasqua is a brand that likes to empower people to let out their bolder, sexier side.  They do this by launching intense and dramatic products that can be worn to create a saturated and statement making look, or used sparingly for something a little more wearable.

Two of the newer products released from this brand are Opulent Sheer Lipgloss and Boost Intense Lipgloss.

092 095 096 097Opulent

098 099Opulent is described as a Rainbow Beige.  This is truly one of the most gorgeous and unique lip glosses that I’ve ever seen.  I seriously want to layer it over everything, all of the time.  It’s a golden rainbow shimmer that is going to make any lip scream festivity.  It’s high on the glossy scale and low on the sticky scale.  AKA my kind of gloss.


100 101Boost is described as a Blueberry Violet.  It’s a very pigmented iridescent blue/magenta.  The formula is extremely glossy, isn’t sticky and was really easy to apply.  Not everyone is going to love this, but I love the formula and think it’ll work well layered or on darker skin tones.

The applicator on both of these glosses is a brush, which normally isn’t my applicator of choice.  The bristles were quite splayed out, especially on Opulent.  It didn’t hinder application, but I would rather see a doe-foot applicator with these glosses.  I love them, so it only make sense that they are partnered with my fave applicator 😉

Opulent and Boost were released with the Fall 2012 Generation Q Collection and retail for $22.00 each.  Check them out now at


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