CoverGirl LashBlast Clump Crusher Mascara Swatches & Reivew

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When my bloggie buddy Brittany from Clumps of Mascara checked out my Makeup Wars Holiday Wishlist she decided to play not-so-secret Santa and send me one of my wishes, the CoverGirl LashBlast Clump Crusher Mascara ($8.99)!

128 131What the CoverGirl website has to say about Clump Crusher Mascara:

A breakthrough in no-clump mascara. Get 200% more volume and zero clumps. Features an innovative double-sided brush with lash-loading and clump-combing zones to crush clumps.

132 133 134This mascara really elongated my lashes and separated them better than most other mascaras out there, including both drugstore and high-end.  It held throughout the day and didn’t flake off at all.

Clump Crusher is available in four shades, but is shown below in Very Black (or, as Brittany says SUPAH Black.  Not gonna lie, I was disappointed that the name actually wasn’t Supah Black, because that is awesome).

135(3 coats)

Check out Brittany’s review of Clump Crusher here (she seriously went and put on 30 coats and this mascara still looks amazing) and she also just had a baby so tell her congrats ;)

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  1. I *LOVE* this mascara but I do find it transfers to the side of my eyes by the end of the day – to be fair, I do have quite long lashes and when I smile they probably brush under my eyes where my crows feet gather. However, I will try their waterproof version and see if it stops that :)

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