Dior Cherie Bow Spring 2013 Makeup Collection – Official Product Information & Photos

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The bow was Christian Dior’s favorite final touch, a timeless and emblematic code of the House of Dior.  The “Cherie Bow” spring 2013 makeup collection draws inspiration from the feminine, playful effect of the bow, featuring shades of powder pink, deep rose, and classic shades of grey, anchored in deep black.

The History of the Dior Bow:
Among the timeless codes of history of Dior, the bow is one of the most enduring.  When Christian Dior presented his first collection in 1947, he created the first Miss Dior perfume to commemorate the occasion.  Each bottle of Miss Dior – available exclusively to Dior couture customers – featured a bow tied around it’s neck.  “I like bows to finish a neckline, decorate a hat or close a belt,” said Christian Dior.  “Whether small, large or enormous, I like them in any style and any material.”

The bow embodied a playful femininity embodied by the Christian Dior brand, acting as an essential punctuating element, an eye-catching, finishing touch of a dress.  Known as the “Fontanges Bow,” the iconic accent serves as a charming echo of ribbons that Louis XIV’s mistress wore in her hair, and quickly became a recurrent reference at the House of Dior, decorating, among other things, the oval medallions of the house.

Dior Cherie Bow Palette:
The Dior Cherie Bow Palette features the classic Fontanges Bow reinvented by Dior jewelry designer Camille Miceli with three elements that come together to form a delicate bow shape, sealed with a pearl duo clasp reminiscent of one of Miceli’s iconic designs.  Composed of three eyeshadows, a black eyeliner and lip gloss, the Rose Poudre harmony features pale pinks, grey and deep charcoal eyeshadows as well as a deep black eyeliner and a fresh pink gloss to finish the look.

The Dior Cherie Bow Collection:

Dior Cherie Bow Palette in Rose Poudre #001 ($80.00)

1 2 3Dior Sweet Cherie Pinks Palette (Sephora Only) ($59.00)

sephoraDior 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow in Rose Ballerine #724 (Not Sephora) ($61.00)

roseballDior 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow in Rose Charmeuse #854 ($61.00)

rosecharmDior Addict Lipstick in Charmante #437 ($31.00)

charmDior Addict Lipstick in Candide #457 ($31.00)

candDior Addict Lipstick in Espiegle #687 (Not Sephora) ($31.00)

espDiorblush in Pink Happiness #729 (Not Sephora) ($43.00)

blushDior Vernis in Gris Trianon #306 ($24.00)

grisDior Vernis in Rosy Bow #335 ($24.00)

rosybow On-Counter: Spring 2013
Availability: Dior.com

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