Miracle Skin Transformer Face, Body, Treat & Conceal Swatches & Review – Exclusive Introductory Collection

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In my October 2012 Birchbox laid two sample packets.  The packets were of Miracle Skin Transformer for FaceMiracle Skin Transformer is a product from Sarah McNamara.  I pledged I was making the full size purchase, and I did.  It took so long because the Face tube alone was sold out forever in every shade except dark and deep dark.  I needed medium.  After some time I was overly frustrated and cashed in all of my Birchbox points for the three piece starter set ($72.00), which includes Face, Body, and Treat & Conceal.  It’s like crack and I’ll basically do anything to get it, even buy extra product that I’m not sure I’ll like.

078085 087I’m going to start off with the product I know I love, Miracle Skin Transformer Face ($48.00).

105This is basically a tinted primer.  If you pay attention to my blog, you’ll note that I’m not a huge face primer person.  Even though I know it has it’s purposes and I even liked one or two that I’ve tried, I just feel like it’s an extra and unnecessary step in your makeup routine.  These were my thoughts until I tried Miracle Skin Transformer Face and my mind got blown.  It seriously works.  It primes, it conceals imperfections, it mattifies and it makes my makeup last a lot longer.  Start off with a small amount because coverage is buildable.  Never in my life have I wanted to sing the praises of a product like I want to with this one.

Next, the Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal Eye & Face ($36.00).  This product works RIDICULOUSLY well in covering imperfections and unevenness.  I get red marks under my nose and this literally makes them disappear and it lasts all day!  It may look WAY lighter than the Face product in the swatch below, but it blends in perfectly.  A very little goes a long way, and though the tube looks on the small side it will last.

Finally, Miracle Skin Transformer Body ($34.00).

103While I’m sure that this product works just as well as the others in it’s family, the shade provided in the set was insanely dark.  It comes in Sheer, Glow and Bronze.  Bronze was the shade included and it’s WAY WAY WAY too dark for me.  I’m actually sending it down to Brittany in Florida.  For a set such as this, especially in the Medium tone, I think that Sheer or Glow would have been a better product shade to include.

106(L-R: Treat & Conceal, Face, Body)

You can purchase these products on Sephora, Birchbox or on the Miracle Skin Transformer website.


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  1. Dorothy says

    Have their moisturizer an concealer it is wonderful would love to try the rest of their line

    • says

      I feel like it does such a good job it’s addicting! I definitely want to get the Body but in the sheer for winter. Maybe try out the glow for summer!


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