Pretty In My Pocket Releases Version 2.0 – PRIMP ON!

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xM3u4DgY1bMCFotebA7b5ThrqIAJcX9o_eVQkhbLsyAHave you been PRIMPing?!  I sure hope so.  And by PRIMP I mean Pretty In My Pocket.  If you’ve been active with PRIMP then you know that it’s a handy app for quickly looking up beauty product reviews from your favorite Power Primpers (*cough* ME *cough*) and Makeup Mavens.

Here’s the “skinny”:

71XIAktlfb30cGzaryVo_um7awkfvBMJsILckAZdBT4Follow your Power Primpers and Makeup Mavens to check out the products we recommend as well as some of our favorite looks.  You can type in a product name to search or simply SCAN THE BARCODE.  Yeah, it’s THAT easy.

wPzLLldyBkymBiICh0BQME4xhf9ucfJeUDflrRaUxKwFor the complete deal on the 2.0 version, check out the PRIMP blog!

Go to the APP Store and download it now (FREE) to save yourself time and money!  Leave me a comment and let me know that you downloaded it, and be sure to follow me 😉


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  1. valerie says

    Ahh! This is perfect! I’m always at the store holding a certain shade of makeup in my hand thinking, “Do I remember this shade because it would work for me or because it would look HORRIBLE on me?” and I have to do elaborate Googling to find the review I liked. This will save me so much time!

    • says

      omg and IDK about you but my freaking phone browser is SO SLOW! The Primp app is nice, fast and simple so you’re not standing in the store looking ridiculous staring at your phone forever lol

      • valerie says

        YES!!! I was definitely looking ridiculous staring at my phone. The cursing under my breath as I tried to click on tiny links with my seemingly monstrous fingers didn’t really help, either.