2013 Dior Diva 1000 Points Reward – Divine Divas

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What is the Dior Diva program?  Every dollar spent on a Dior Beauty product equals 1 Diva Point.  Once you reach the desired point level you send your original receipts and the redemption form in to the address provided on the form.  Note: sales tax isn’t included towards points and all points sent in must be within a 12 month period.

Currently there are five levels to the program.  (When it first started there were only three levels!):

  • Adorable Diva (100 points) – you’ll receive deluxe travel sizes of Dior best sellers in a mini Dior shopping bag.
  • Fashionista Diva (250 points) – you’ll receive the Little Dictionary of Fashion written by Christian Dior plus three deluxe minis for your handbag.
  • Charming Diva (500 points) – you’ll receive a Dior charm bracelet packaged in a Dior couture box plus a deluxe Miss Dior Cherie miniature.
  • Divine Divas (1000 points) – you’ll receive a couture inspired black makeup pouch finished with a little shimmer and shine and full sizes of Serum de Rouge in Rosewood Serum, Diorshow Browstyler, Diorshow Extase Mascara and a travel size One Essential.
  • Lady Diva (2500 points) – you’ll receive a Dior Brush Set complete with Foundation, Blush, Eyeshadow, Brow and Lip brushes nestled in a black D-charm pouch and packaged in a Dior couture box.  Also includes a full sized One Essential and Diorshow Lash Maximizer.
  • Diamond Diva (5000 points) – you’ll receive a Dior Couture Accessory complete with deluxe minatures for touch-ups: Diorshow Extase Mascara, 5-Couleur Eyeshadow in Stylish Move and Rouge Dior Lipstick in Rouge Blossom.

My reward is the 1000 points Divine Divas (I can only dream of ever getting to the 5000 point level) and you can check out the products below.

IMG_8240 IMG_8243 IMG_8247 IMG_8253Two of my past Dior Diva rewards:

As you can see, the items and plans have changed a bit.  Still, it’s a great incentive to shop Dior Beauty, and they always send essential items that anyone will find useable.

If you want to check out the 2500 point reward, Shelley from Polarbelle posted hers last February!

Are you a part of the Dior Diva rewards program?  Signing up is FREE!

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  1. qiqi says

    This is my first time to use Dior Diva point. But I can not found the form than I can redeem point and I don’t know where I should send my receite. This is no more information on the website.

    • says

      it’s definitely a little more disorganized than usual… I’m not sure what’s going on. I sent mine in 2 months ago I think and haven’t heard a thing =\

  2. Jane D. says

    I send in $500 worth of receipts at the end of Feb. Still waiting but I just checked and now it is “Perfectly Polished” – Creme Apricot with 3 mini nail polishes and a top coat. Although I was looking forward to a bracelet, I will use the creme apricot.

    The $1000 is still “Scent-sational Diva”. I need to try out Miss Dior and J’adore to see if I can stand a full bottle of either. Otherwise I will just order more creme apricot.

    I am disappointed that I held onto my receipts last year instead of sending them in when the $1000 reward was really good.

    But free is free so I will take the samples at the very least.

    • says

      I’m sending in for the $500… I’m pretty sure I don’t like either scent. It’s actually surprising they don’t give a 1000 point makeup option as well since people are so sensitive to fragrances.

      • Jane D. says

        I never followed up with you. I was pleased with the $500 reward. I could not remember what came with the Creme Apricot but in case you have not ordered, the gift also had 3 mini nail polishes and a mini top coat.

        The customer service rep gave me some information that had not clicked. Send in your receipts and bank the points and there is no expiry date. I quote: “You have the choice of Banking your points for another reward if you
        are not happy with the with ones currently available. Once your points are banked, they do not expire.”

        The new 100 point reward will be: travel sizes of Rouge lipstick #999, J’Adore fragrance, Dreamskin treatment.

        Enjoy your rewards. I don’t blog so no pics but we appreciate those who do. :)

        • says

          Thank you for the info! I just sent in for the 500pt gift and there was some left over so I put to bank the remainder. I should’ve sent all of the receipts! I love the idea that they don’t expire!

          • Jane D. says

            Share pics for others when you receive your reward.

            Have you ordered from banked points before? if yes, do we just send in a form and write on it to use banked points?

            I have enough for a 1000 pt reward but the fragrances are not my thing so will bank for a larger or new smaller rewards.

          • says

            I will for sure! I haven’t ordered from banked points yet but I imagine you’d just send in a form and I’d put a note on there that you’re using banked points. Also make sure you keep track of what you’ve sent in, just in case. I’m not into getting fragrances either =\

    • Cindy says

      Hello brooke , do You know if the Dior diva rewards program still on ¿ I’ve been waiting to get more points , but now that I’m ready, it seems that the web page it’s no working .

      • says

        As far as I know it’s still on. I can’t get it to come up either, but I was on it recently. I think it’s just randomly working for some reason…

  3. Tegan says

    I can’t open the form to redeem the points; it is telling me the site is untrusted and not to proceed. Hmmmm….

  4. Heather says

    I want to redeem but when I log in it doesn’t seem to work.
    I can not find a current redemption form

    • says

      Wow… I can’t either! That’s so weird it’s just taking me to the main page. I’ll reach out to my Dior contact and see if she knows anything.

  5. Charles says

    My wife just received the rewards gift (500 points) and WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! The Perfume bottle that came with it was the size of a quarter…. and that is being generous. The necklace (advertised it was supposed to be a bracelet… and a much nicer looking item than my wife received) was something that is so cheaply made that my wife basically threw it away. There is no value in the item. While she is proud to have the makeup, purses, etc. there is a point of pride in the logo and feel of the Dior items. Not so with this item. the chain is VERY fragile. The charms are bubble gum machine quality (no exaggeration). The only part of the necklace that would let you know this is a Dior is a small, round, metal piece with made-in-China quality engraving that shows a “CD.” I think the CD means “Chinese (knock-off) Dior” or maybe “Cheap Dior.” My point is we are very disappointed in this reward and I advise everyone to avoid it.

    • says

      Hi Charles! I saw the new rewards were the perfume etc and I’m disappointed with the changes as well. I’ve been holding on to my receipts because I’m not wanting the items like how you described. They used to be so amazing!

  6. Elizabeth says

    Looks like Dior changed 1000 points reward to scent-sational diva. If anyone has gotten this reward, please post pics.

    • says

      That’s a shame they changed it! They must have run out of the makeup product. I don’t think I’d want the fragrance =\

  7. says

    I’m ready to redeem for the 3rd time, but am still a little unsure if I should go for the 1000 point redemption or break it into smaller increments. Your blog has helped, but I was wondering if you could share a little more about the makeup bag. I can’t tell from the photo what it’s made out of or what texture it is. Also, what does it look like inside; how is it organized? Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      I actually did take interior pics and now I can’t find them lol there are the two compartments and it’s all rather big. IIRC the one side has slots for brushes but I have to check in the morning when I won’t get yelled at for turning lights on lol I was thinking of splitting up my next one too so I could get the charm bracelet. I missed out on that when it was a Sephora VIB gift. I ordered and put the code in and when the box came it was empty =\ I got the points back but really wanted the bracelet!

  8. Sophie says

    Is this program still on? I tried to login and couldn’t. I sent my receipts and my letter just returned. I am really disappointed. What is the mailing address you used for this redemption, as I cannot access the redemtion form anymore. I sent it to po box 1394 Ronks PA 17573. i would greatly appreciate any advise. Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Sophie! Yes, it’s still on. The old address was in PA, the new address is in New Jersey! Dior Diva 208 Fernwood Ave Edison NJ, 08837

          • Sheri says

            Hi there,

            I am ready to submit some of my receipts, can you kindly confirm the address that I should send for Divor Diva Vip reward program, is it still 208 Fernwood Ave Edison, NJ 08837?

          • says

            The site does seem to be working now, my contact stated the program is still up and running. IDK what the deal was with the site but like a few of you it was just redirecting me like crazy. As of right now it’s working for me on Firefox. Here is the link to the rewards and redemption and the address is 28 Fernwood Ave Edison NJ 08837. It’s also on the redemption form which will open up as a PDF You can print or save. =)

      • Janet says

        I sent my receipts in for a $1000.00 reward on 12/3/2013. Right address and everything. Haven’t received a thing. Not impressed with your reward program!

        • says

          Hi Janet! I had this happen to me before too with the Dior Diva program! One time they also sent me a 500 point reward instead of the 1000 point reward. Get a hold of their customer service and ask what the problem is, they’ve been very helpful in the past!