Makeup Wars – Showcasing Our Favorite Spring Beauty Trends (aka April Fool’s!)

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For this Makeup Wars we’re exploring the whimsical wonderment of Spring trends!  For 2013, one of my favorite trends is  ending your eye liner with symbols.

If you have a steady hand, I recommend using a liquid or gel liner, they just stay on skin so much better.  A quick tip is to do slight dashes and make the shape of your symbol and then just trace.  However, if you’re still getting the hang of it, pencils are certainly okay and definitely the way to go!

IMG_0623Above, I’ve used one of my favorites, a heart!  Feel the love!  I almost went with the infinity symbol, which I was thinking of getting tattooed on the underside of my wrist, infused with my kids names… what do you guys think?

IMG_0609 IMG_0613To get this look, just start your liner at the very outer tip of the top lashes and create your shape.  Bring down the liner and end underneath the lower lashes, leaving space for some shadow.  The shadows used in this look are all from the Le Metier de Beaute Melange Palette charcoal black on the lid, silver right above the upper and right below the lower lashes, gold in the crease and blended up.  The liners used are NARS Carpates & Atlantic and the mascara is MAC Plushlash.

A HUGE plus to this look is that it also hides signs of aging!  Crows feet be gone!

You can also rock this trend on your lips at the outer corners of the mouth, but I can’t get the symbol to stay straight when I go to frowning vs smiling… any tips for perfecting that?

See what the other participants in this installment of Makeup Wars came up with!  I’m really excited to see how the other bloggers favorite trends!  What WILL we think of next?!

(APRIL FOOLS!  Though, I do like that this hides crows feet, and that’s no joke lol)

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  1. lulu says

    LMAO, won’t you be surprised if this trend catches on?? . I will attest to the fact that you can not hide wrinkles with the hearts. Within 2 minutes and one smile w/ a squint they would be “broken hearts” . You are too funny Brooke!! April Fools….

  2. says

    I would have been worried that people thought I was being serious! Plus, my mind must be in the gutter because I just saw a pair of balls right there next to your eye!

    • says

      ROTFL I said that in the group when I did the photos… looked like I had balls flying out of my eye. I swear it’s a heart hahahaha

  3. says

    What a great trend! And covering up crow’s feet — BONUS! I’m going to try this with green and glitter tomorrow… It feels so 17th Century (with all the little pasty “birthmarks” that fashionable people used to cover up smallpox scars)
    Natasha recently posted..Sunday Pictures: Happy Easter!My Profile


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