How to Achieve the “Comfort Factor” During Your Period + a Giveaway!

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Ready to get personal? My period is painful. It’s similar to evil things living inside of me for 5-7 days, once a month. Because shutting out the entire outside world isn’t possible I settle by trying to make myself as comfortable as I can. One of my favorite past times that I always make sure to indulge in is curling up on the couch, cuddling with a body pillow that I used throughout both of my pregnancies and try and zone out to the TV. Definitely a show where I don’t have to think – like Orange is the New Black or Pretty Little Liars. There may or may not be chocolate involved (there is). Also tea, and candles that smell of yummy foods.

Stayfree Comfort Factor

A major part of being comfortable is the confidence in knowing that leakage isn’t happening. It’s not like your period calls ahead of time and is all, “I’m going to be visiting from the 15th through the 21st so block out that time and go buy some good pads”. It’s awful when you’ve finally wiggled into your special, comfy position and you feel like you’re leaking. You might not even be leaking, but just the thought of it is enough to have you springing up out of the beloved “period position” to run and check. You know you’ve been there. Now that I’ve placed that lovely visual in your head take a sip of tea, calm down and know that there are ways to prevent that. Keeping prepared and being sure that you have top-notch pads on-hand is the first step to feeling relaxed and 100% positive that embarrassing, messy situations won’t be happening. Only then can true comfort happen. Wrap around your fave pillow, pop in some sort of intense comedic drama, suck on your chocolate and take a nap. You’re safe here.

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Leave a comment below letting me how you pamper yourself for a chance to win a $100 gift card!


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  1. crystal s. says

    i like to come home after a long day at work serve myself a good size glass of my favorite wine, take my hair down put on my current favorite show drop dead diva on netflix and sit down on my big ol cozy sofa. then i end my night with a nice warm bath filled with my favorite bath soaps. once i’m home I try my best to stay as zen as possible work and everything else out if my mind.

  2. Betty C says

    I love a nice long hot bath and a good book to keep me company. But sometimes I just can’t stay awake to read so I just nap in the tub.

  3. Ashley Renee K. says

    I pamper myself these days with making my homemade soap, lotion and face masks (although I do regularly cheat with Origins Black Charcoal Mask, I forget exactly what it’s called) but the nice thing about it is that I can formulate each to fit my skin and my “needs” personally. My only need is to be super silky smooth n stuff so it’s not too difficult…hmmm maybe it’s the soap making part that is the pampering part for me lol hard to tell these days!

    Twitter post! :

  4. Kristen says

    I like to put on comfy PJs and curl up on the sofa with my dog & an old movie or a good book. (foot rubs are nice too!)

  5. Jana Williams says

    It is So Hard to Relax during that Time of the Month! I Generally Run a Hot Bath & Soak Until I am Pruned, and I put on the Most Comfortable PJs that I Own (The Kind with the Really Stretchy Waist Band, you know the Ones!) Then I Take a Pamprin or Aleve, Close the Blinds in My Room, Take The Phone Off the Hook, Drink a Hot Cup of Tea w/ Lemon or Something Stronger on the Really Bad Days, and Then I Read a Good Book until I am Sleepy! Sometimes I do this Just b/c I am Stressed Out! It Always Seems to Help Me & I Hope Maybe it Will Help Someone Else! Thank You & Have a Super Day! God Bless! Jana Williams

  6. Lynn says

    The most i ever do is get my nails done, and pay $50 for a hair cut! I really want to but foot bath soon so i can soak my feet.

  7. Alona Y says

    I have one of those aromatherapy heating pads that’s so soft and smells great, I like to snuggle up with that to get some relief.

  8. Robin Wilson says

    I pamper myself with a trip to the spa for a mani/pedi date with my sister! We have a blast and I look forward to them.

  9. Kimmy Ripley says

    I really enjoy pampering myself with a glass of wine by the bonfire at night. Wine really helps me to relax and unwind after a long day.

  10. Andrea Darst says

    I try to make time each week to do a mani/pedi (including a foot soak), face mask and catching up on my fave magazines to pamper myself. I do agree with Phyrra, though, chocolate makes everything better!

  11. says

    I don’t get a chance to pamper myself often, but going *anywhere* solo, grabbing a drink from Starbucks, or getting a back rub would all be wonderful. :)

    Erika recently posted..Begin AgainMy Profile

  12. D Schmidt says

    I pamper myself by taking 15 minutes to myself to drink a cup of tea, paint my nails and catch up online.

  13. Dixie says

    I love to treat myself to a new nail polish or lip product — it’s a fairly inexpensive way to pamper myself. :)

  14. Madeline says

    I pamper myself by getting up early to exercise, and then rewarding myself with 15 minutes of reading a great book and drinking a yummy cup of coffee.

  15. shelly peterson says

    A nice hot bubble bath, chocolate and curl up and watch a good movie of my choice.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  16. amanda says

    i pamper myself by taking a bath at night and waking up before everyone and drinking my coffee alone. its the little things

  17. Isla says

    I ask some friends to come round, get some hot chocolate on the go, masks, foot masks, candles , tv , music thats how! Friends are the way to have some fun!

  18. says

    I pamper myself by lighting a favorite candle (depends on mood; my go to is apple- reminds me of comfort food), making a nice cup of tea ( depends on weather, but usually warm mint green tea), then I have my husband make homemade pasta and sauce with meatballs or I make my mom’s mac and cheese ( no better comfort food). Then I will watch a show like the vampire diaries or a classic movie like Gone with the wind or Princess bride. Something that doesn’t require to much thought but makes me laugh and forget my “visitor” . It’s time and space to break away. If all else fails I’m in my kitchen cooking something sweet and making movie theatre popcorn. But the scent of comfort food is my best defense to just forget and just be. :)

  19. says

    A long, bath with some products scented with Amber, Chamomile or Lavender, a deep conditioning hair masque. After that, a deep cleansing face mask, applying scented body butter or lotion all over and my favorite facial skincare routine then, finishing off with a mani/pedi using a color that takes my mood, while burning a relaxing, scented candle.


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