Nordstrom 2014 Anniversary Sale Wish List


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming. The catalog arrived last week. You know, just early enough to make and re-make my lists of things I need something like four thousand times. I’ll be out of town starting the day the sale begins and I’m freaking out. Sure, I can shop online, but I feel like […]

Giveaways you may have missed ….


Hi, everyone!  There are currently quite a few giveaways running right now and I want to be sure that you all know where they are, what they are and how to enter!  ACT FAST some of these end very soon! These Giveaways are US only, but I do plan on hosting an International one very […]

Blushing Noir on POPSUGAR!


Are you guys members over at POPSUGAR yet?  I’ve joined up with them to be a part of their POPSUGAR Select Beauty Bloggers and wanted to let you know that if you’re a member over there you should follow me 😉 and also share a few articles I’ve written for the site. Click here to […]

I’m Joining NutriSystem for the Ultimate Weight Smack Down #NSNation


I’m really my own worst enemy.  I want to make a change in my diet, habits and (of course) my appearance.  For me, it’s not about being “the skinniest” but rather being healthy and comfortable.  Right now, not comfortable at all.  Clothes that I love don’t look right and I live in sweats and stretchy […]

Pretty in my Pocket Partners with L’Oreal Paris to Bring Even MORE PERKS! (Because You’re Worth It)


By now you know that I’ve been on board with Pretty in my Pocket (as seen in the Allure Daily Beauty Reporter) as a Power Primper for over a year (view all primpish posts here).  Over the last few months things have really started to take off and now PRIMP has partnered with L’Oreal Paris […]

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