August 2015 RocksBox Photos & Review

Rocksbox Review

Why, yes, I did totally skip posting my Rocksbox in July. This was actually my July box… I just wasn’t blown away… particularly because the piece I’d have liked the most arrived broken. However, as usual, I convinced myself it’s worth showing these pieces because they’re definitely pretty and they’ll suit someone – maybe you! […]

June 2015 RocksBox Photos & Review

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription Service

Yes, that title says June. TBH I wasn’t excited about the Rocksbox shipment I got this last time. After I sent it back I got to thinking that me not liking the pieces doesn’t mean someone else won’t want to see them, so I should share regardless. The pieces just didn’t fit my style, but […]

May 2015 RocksBox Photos & Review

Rocksbox jewelry subscription review

It’s been awhile since my last Rocksbox post and it’s simply because the days are flying by. I think in my head I forgot I have to send these gorgeous pieces back because I’ve been wearing them all quite a bit. Check out what Rocksbox is below and make sure you keep scrolling for jewelry […]

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