Valentine’s Day S’mores Pops // Activities for Kids

Smores Pops Kids Valentine's Day Treat

Happy Valentine’s Day! My kids are currently in the throes of a FOUR DAY WEEKEND. That’s right. No reason, really. Friday was a teacher in-service and Monday is Presidents Day. On a personal level, YES I’m losing my mind. They’re already feeling the cabin fever because it’s way too cold to be outside (we’re actually […]

Holiday Traditions


Whether you have a little elf that moves around your house or go caroling, no matter what holiday you celebrate, you have traditions.  It seems like when you have two small children new traditions crop up every year, mixing what you grew up with with something fresh and meaningful that your kids can grow up […]

TIME OUT! My Toddler Flooded The Living Room!

You know how they say that “I was frozen in place and couldn’t say or do anything until it was too late” ? I just had that moment. Luckily it wasn’t a safety issue. My mother in law (MIL) gave all of the grandsons (4 of them) these squeeze bottles for drinks. Since we were […]

A little bit of cleaning, turns into a Jon & Kate rant lol

My cousin Jenna Lynn is coming today! She’s never met the baby so we’re super excited to have her here. I have been cleaning like CRAZY. It made me think about something. WHY, when someone hasn’t been to our house before, do we clean like maniacs? Corners and ledges get cleaned that haven’t been touched […]

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