Top 10 Eye Creams for a 30-something

Top 10 Eye Creams

Color me an old lady, but yes I’ve tried enough Eye Creams to make up a top 10 of my faves. I’m still in my early 30’s, but I’m completely obsessed with keeping away the crows feet. I have em… we all do, especially if we laugh a lot… but there are things we can […]

Makeup Wars – My Beauty Diary

Diary of a Beauty Blogger

This week for Makeup Wars we decided to do a beauty diary. Basically a “my day in beauty”. I tried to be diligent in writing down what I was using all day, so hopefully I don’t forget anything! Here’s what happens to my face, bod & hair throughout the day (beauty wise!). Good morning! I […]

Top 10 Red Lipsticks – Designer Edition

Top 5 Red Lip Gloss

When you’re something of a red lipstick hoarder collector, picking your Top 10 will have you on the floor either weeping uncontrollably or laughing hysterically (in the manic sense).  Do you know I seriously felt bad about not including my other reds?!  Who has feelings like that?! For this weeks Top 10 Tuesday I broke […]

Top 10 Items to Conceal & Correct featuring PIXI Beauty!

Top 10 Beauty Items Conceal Correct

Our skin changes so much throughout the seasons, which means our makeup should as well.  For most, Summer-time requires only a light amount of coverage with a light BB cream or a tinted moisturizer.  In the colder weather I need to transition into something heavier with at least a medium coverage.  For this Top 10 […]

My Top 10 (or more) Favorite Eyeliners


Maybe you’re looking at that first pic and you’re thinking… “Brooke, that is way more than 10 eyeliners” – I know.  But I promise my list numbering will not go past 10 😉 Not all eyeliners are created equal.  We have gels and pencils and liquid … oh my!  It’s impossible for me to choose […]

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