Keune Care Line Review // Hair Care

Keune Hair Review Photos

As has been said by me more often that not my hair is oil on top, frizz on bottom. A random and actually stressful deal when it’s time to get myself presentable in the Summer months. Actually, I should say that it’s been stressful in the past (like my high school/college days) because nowadays there […]

Summer Wedding Makeup for Guests // Makeup Wars

Wedding Makeup for Guests

So you were invited to a wedding. Who are you kidding, you were invited to at least five this month alone because it’s Summer and wedding season has been in full force since May. I say, make that shhh…iz pop. After all, you’re not the bride – you’re the guest. Throw natural into the wind […]

The Best Eye Makeup Remover // Makeup Wars

the best eye makeup remover

With no less than one billion eye makeup removers out there I think it goes without saying that some are much better than others. Right now I have two favorites – one from the drugstore and one that that is a bit more expensive. philosophy Just Release Me™ Dual-Phase Oil-Free Makeup Remover ($19.00 // Sephora). […]

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