5 Under $10 Beauty feat. Neutrogena

Top 5 Neutrogena budget beauty

For this week on Makeup Wars we’re talking about the top 5 products under $10. Immediately I knew I wanted to feature Neutrogena! Why? Neutrogena is easily one of my favorite drugstore beauty brands. It’s personally not very easy for me to find drugstore products I love much less find a brand with fantastic products […]

Dior Eye Reviver – Backstage Pros Nordy Girl Palette Swatches, Review + Look // Makeup Wars

Dior Eye Reviver Eyeshadow Palette Nordy Girl Review Swatches

This Monday’s Makeup Wars theme is focusing on our favorite celebrity for a beauty brand. For quite a while my fave celeb for a designer beauty brand has been Charlize Theron. So much about her encompasses beauty, and not just on the outside. She’s involved in women’s rights, animal rights and has started her own […]

Keune Care Line Review // Hair Care

Keune Hair Review Photos

As has been said by me more often that not my hair is oil on top, frizz on bottom. A random and actually stressful deal when it’s time to get myself presentable in the Summer months. Actually, I should say that it’s been stressful in the past (like my high school/college days) because nowadays there […]

Summer Wedding Makeup for Guests // Makeup Wars

Wedding Makeup for Guests

So you were invited to a wedding. Who are you kidding, you were invited to at least five this month alone because it’s Summer and wedding season has been in full force since May. I say, make that shhh…iz pop. After all, you’re not the bride – you’re the guest. Throw natural into the wind […]

Frizz Fighter: Peter Coppola Beauty Legacy Collection

Peter Coppola Beauty Legacy Keratin Concept review

Nothing about my hair says manageable. The top is thinning, thanks to past pregnancies. “Oh, it’ll stop falling out after 6 months”. Lies. Because it’s thin grease shows even more than it usually did, yet the bottom is still a bit fuller and frizz central. My hair is officially bipolar. I’m extremely careful about the […]

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