Top 10 Waterproof Makeup Products

Waterproof Makeup

Ahhhh water… so refreshing, so necessary… so easily the worst enemy of your FOTD. In this edition of Top 10 Tuesday I’m sharing my favorite waterproof makeup products – the stuff I choose when I need my FOTD to wear through it all – rain, sleet, snow, a good cry fest, chick flicks… what have […]

Top 10 Lipsticks to Bring On the Summer Heat!

Top 10 Orange Lipsticks for Summer

So I just got back from my son’s baseball game (where he kicked major butt, I might add!) and it was HOT. But that good hot where it feels awesome but you don’t sweat at all. Sadly Happily everything makes me think about makeup and while I’m sitting there the opposing teams bold orange uniforms […]

7 Beauty Products to Help You Survive Summer

7 Beauty Products to Survive Summer

It’s only Spring but the temperature change has been so drastic (I’m talking negative temperatures one week up to 80 the next) that it’s got me thinking about Summer. Why? Because that swift switch to hot made me sweat glow. New beauty products launch every year so here are a few old favorites that I […]

Pür Minerals Secret Crush Eyeshadow Palette Swatches, Review + FOTD

PUR Minerals Secret Crush swatches

It’s safe to say since joining the Pür Minerals PRO Artist Team of Ohio Valley I’ve fallen hard in love with many of the products. I couldn’t stay on the team and sell these products if I didn’t obsess over them myself. Lately three products I’m constantly reaching for are the Secret Crush Palette, Fuzzy […]

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