Makeup Wars – My 2014 Holiday Wish List

2014 Holiday Wishlist

Just like last year the Makeup Wars Bloggers are putting their biggest wants and desires out there on the interwebs in the hopes that someone we love is peeking and wants to surprise us with some goodies (my mom loves these, so you have to as well)! Last year I kept it mostly beauty centered […]

Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection by SEPHORA Part of Your World Eyeshadow Palette Swatches, Review & EOTD


I just love these Disney Reigning Beauties Collections from Sephora.  Word around the beauty world is that this will be the final chapter of these collections, which is just so sad.  Could you imagine how gorgeous a compact mirror in a Belle collection would be?  Or the pinks and golds for Aurora?  Or stunning greens […]

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